DIY Wedding Series: Table Numbers/Labels

Table Number

One thing I particularly enjoyed making for our wedding was the table numbers. Initially we thought about arranging the guest tables according to numbers. Then it dawned on me, why not label each table based on things that are important to us? Our tables were labeled with English and Chinese version of words like: love, melody, happiness, family, friendship, and strength. The ones we used at our wedding were modified plain thank you cards.

In this tutorial, I’ll go over how to make table numbers (or labels) from scratch that would achieve the same look and feel with less money.



You’ll Need:

  • Sheets of cardstock in a color of your choice for as many tables as you’ll have at your wedding or event.
  • Sheets of plain white paper to match each cardstock paper.
  • Paper trimmer/cutter
  • Edge punch with the design of your liking. I used Fiskar Advantage system.
  • Craft paper glue (I like this because it sticks well and the paper can be repositioned if you make a mistake. The glue will not tear the paper or leave a mark).

How To:

  1. Print the table numbers or labels on the plain white paper. Make sure to set the paper size to 6″x6″ under “Print Options” of your computer then center and bottom align the text.
  2. Using the paper cutter, trim all the printed papers into 6″x6″.
  3. If you are using the Fiskar Advantage system edge punch, trim the 8.5″x11″ cardstock into 8″x6″. If you are using a different edge punch, trim the cardstock at the very end to make sure the final product is 6″x6″ in dimension.
  4. Use the edge punch along the end of the cardstock.
  5. Glue the plain white paper onto the cardstock.
  6. Fold cardstock (with the decorative end) over the plain white paper.

The next tutorial will be wedding invites that matches these table numbers.


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