OCD and Paint Swatch Dry Erase Calendar


OCD is a way of life. I lock my car at least three times before leaving it in the parking lot and every night I check all the windows and doors to make sure they’re locked before I go to bed. Leaving the house means checking and rechecking the windows, stove, and doors. This paint swatch dry erase calendar was an OCD person’s nightmare. No matter how much I tried, there were always several shades that didn’t seem to fit into the general gradient. After staring at it for two days, I finally had to call it a day.

I found the instructions from So Many Sweets. I just added holders for decoration that will also hold the dry erase markers. All in all, this calendar is a great creative way for us to keep ourselves organized, even if my color scheme will always seem off to me.


You’ll Need:

  • An obscene amount of paint swatches in a myriad of colors from Home Depot. If you’re OCD, you’ll no doubt return to Home Depot for more swatches because none of the colors seemed to match each other. Your second trip to Home Depot will be to a different location, because you’re so embarrassed from taking so many swatches from the first location.
  • Paper cutter/trimmer.
  • Craft glue (so you can reposition the swatches if you make a mistake).
  • Picture frame of your choice (I chose a large frame from Michael’s that was part of their 50% sale section). Make sure the frame is made of glass and the frame material is thick and sturdy enough to hold the hooks.
  • Dry erase markers.
  • Bolt hook screws.
  • Vackert candle holders from Ikea.
  • Ribbons or knotting cords.

How To:

  1. Calculate the dimensions of each paint swatch based on the size of your frame. Leave about 2 inches of room on the top for the month and days of the week and leave about 1 inch or so on the bottom for notes.
  2. Cut the paint 35 swatches according to the size of the frame.
  3. Cut out 7 paint swatches that are same in width as the ones in Step 2, but half the length.
  4. Label these in permanent marker or stickers with days of the week.
  5. Arrange the paint swatches into a design/color scheme that you like.
  6. Glue the paint swatches onto the white (back side) of the paper that came with the frame with craft glue.
  7. Screw the bolt hook screws onto frame.
  8. Tie ribbons/knotting cords on the candle holders and hang the holders onto the hooks.

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