About Me

Welcome to Merry Treats easy everyday cooking and DIY home designs!

My name is Tammy. I’m a mom and I love food. My grandmother was a fabulous cook. I’d like to say I’m just like her, but I would be lying. Big time. In fact, I didn’t start cooking until I met my husband. It was also then that I realized my grandmother wasn’t passionate about cooking, she was passionate about her family. Cooking was her gesture of love.

Fueled by my desire to spend the next sixty years with my husband and to watch our children and our children’s children grow up to form a family of their own, I started looking for ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle through food.


Since a strict diet of kale shake and steamed chicken breast wouldn’t last more than a day in our home, I began modifying our favorite foods by substituting unhealthy ingredients with healthy ones. Almost all of the ingredients I use in my recipes are fresh from our local farmer’s market or from our garden. Some recipes are awesomely sweet and fatty indulgences, because we all deserve a cheat day once in a while.

This is a food and DIY home designs blog as well as a public shaming forum for myself when I sneak ice cream into bed. I’m just starting to experiment with DIY crafts and home designs. You can either join me or watch me fail miserably as I stumble my way around a sewing machine and get tangled in thousands of yards of yarn.

So, whether you’re here to share inspirations or for some entertainment, I hope you enjoy my blog!


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